About Us

Meet Alex D. Hennick, CEO & Founder

At the age of 12, Alex was fascinated by the fact that some people were willing to sell things for less than what other people were willing to pay. Alex used his father's credit card to purchase Toronto Maple Leafs tickets, which he sold to avid fans. At such a young age, Alex began learning about negotiating, relationship building and being a responsible business-"man" (he always paid his father back)!

As he was heading off to university, Alex started a business importing vintage sports jerseys from China and selling them across North America. He may have skipped a few classes, but he was getting a practical business education. After graduating, working for others, Alex gained experience buying and selling excess inventory from brand name manufacturers, discount retailers and bankrupt businesses.

As the Great Recession deepened in 2008-09, Alex recognized a growing need for professional liquidation services. Alex decided to open his own liquidation business - A.D. Hennick & Associates. It was a humble beginning to be sure. His "associates" were his supportive parents, first office was a bedroom in his parents' home, and first warehouse was rented storage space.

Alex is a true entrepreneur, with an innate sense of fairness, who always seeks "win-win" relationships with his clients. With his unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity and unsurpassed client service, Alex has built an extensive network of buyers and sellers, in a wide variety of industries. These qualities, combined with a passion for helping others, good old fashioned hard work, and continuously reinvested earnings, turned that small, bedroom operation into a thriving business that employs 20+ loyal associates, occupies over 20,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, and has the capacity to undertake multi-million dollar liquidation deals.

Today, A.D. Hennick & Associates helps a wide variety of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and insolvency trustees maximize their recoveries on excess inventory and distressed assets.