Excess Inventories

A.D. Hennick & Associates specializes in buying and selling large (and small) quantities of excess inventory.  We help businesses maximize their cash flow and make their operations more efficient.  We fully understand your brand investment and work with you to ensure its protection during the liquidation needs and honour all channel distribution restrictions.


Excess inventories arise from a variety of common, yet unexpected, sources.  A major customer becomes insolvent and can't meet its purchase commitments.  Demand falls short of expectations, but you have already manufactured or purchased the inventory.  Inventory is nearing its expiry or best before date.

A change in season brings new styles and models, making old stock obsolete, and you need warehouse space that is being used to store dead stock.

In many retail and on-line businesses, it is often more cost effective to liquidate customer returns in bulk rather than pay to restock shelves.

Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer with excess inventories, we offer a variety of financially rewarding and effective solutions.

We turn your dead stock into cash - fast
We free up valuable warehouse space - fast
We protect your brand, by honouring all of your distribution channel restrictions