Liquidation Services

We understand the unique nature of bankruptcies and insolvencies and the complicated situations that trustees often face.  We constantly strive to make trustees' lives easier and help them achieve optimal insolvency solutions for their clients.

Before and After liquidation pictures

Maximize Your Recoveries

We have an extensive network of buyers in a variety of industries, markets and locations, combined with the knowledge, experience and patience to find the right buyer in the right place for each asset.

We use a variety of sales strategies to realize the maximum value of liquidation assets.  We can warehouse inventory and assets to avoid having to take fire sale prices.  We are able to successfully run warehouse and liquidation sales, find suitable wholesale buyers, manage on-line sales, and auction off unsold stock.

We can offer 100% cash up front or a combination of cash and profit sharing.

Minimize Your Costs

Our ample warehouse space allows us to quickly vacate a bankrupt's premises and gives us the flexibility to store assets until we can find the right buyer.  This allows you to release the bankrupt's premises faster, minimizing additional lease costs.

We quickly remove all assets, dispose of remaining garbage, and return the premises to suitable move-in condition, saving you time and money managing the transition.

Liquidate Faster

We have the knowledge and experience to quickly assess the value of your assets and make a fair and reasonable offer.

We're even faster releasing funds - often within a day or two.

We are able to handle any sized transaction.

We understand Time is Money and strive to make your lives easier, by taking care of the details and problems that always arise during liquidations.