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A.D. Hennick & Associates Inc.A.D. Hennick & Associates Inc.A.D. Hennick & Associates Inc.
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A.D. Hennick & Associates Inc.A.D. Hennick & Associates Inc.A.D. Hennick & Associates Inc.
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About Us

Our Mission

A.D Hennick & Associates is an energetic team of liquidation experts, developing innovative client solutions to excess inventory and distressed asset issues while protecting brands and maximizing value as quickly as possible. Whether you're a manufacturer, business owner, lender, or trustee, our expert guidance and consultative approach can help you deal with your inventory challenges.

Our Values

Beyond our world-class services and support, we value relationships most of all. We are committed to the principles of honesty, integrity, and fairness in all engagements with all clients, consumers, and distributors. If it cannot be done with respect, it cannot be done with A.D. Hennick & Associates.

Our Story

Founded by Alex Hennick in 2009, A.D. Hennick & Associates is a team of liquidation experts helping companies with innovative solutions to excess inventory and distressed asset challenges. With a wealth of experience behind us, we guide clients through the process of selling obsolete and excess inventory. As well, we help companies deal with distressed assets due to bankruptcy or insolvency. From moving retail and warehouse overstock to liquidating assets from manufacturing facilities and offices, we have the insight to navigate the unique challenges that confront businesses.

A client-centric organization, A.D. Hennick & Associates specializes in providing expert guidance, consultation, and real solutions to companies needing to move inventory quickly. Our dedication to honesty, integrity, and fairness has built a broad network of buyers and sellers across a wide range of industries. We move large quantities of products while protecting your brand and helping your organization maximize its returns.

With our extensive knowledge, our commitment to client care, and a trusted network of retailers, wholesalers, and distributors, we encourage you to reach out with your inventory challenges.

Named one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies in 2020, A.D. Hennick & Associates are the liquidation experts, always ready to help businesses find the best solution to their problems.

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