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A.D. Hennick & Associates Inc.A.D. Hennick & Associates Inc.A.D. Hennick & Associates Inc.
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Need to Offload Inventory?


Whether you’re a manufacturer, store owner, bankruptcy trustee or business lender, we understand the unique situations that are faced when it comes to managing distressed assets and excess inventory. Our experience and knowledge across many industries can assist in giving valuable insight into asset appraisal, site removals and brand protection.

If you don’t know where to start, or simply have questions about your inventory, we’re here to help! And if we’re unable to help we’re always happy to guide you in the right direction!

Excess Inventory

A.D. Hennick & Associates specializes in buying your excess inventory while protecting your brand and distribution channels.

Distressed Assets

We understand the unique nature of bankruptcies and insolvencies and the complicated situations that trustees and banks often face.

Why Choose A.D. Hennick?

We make payment up front and pick up the inventory from your location

Our goal is to move your inventory quickly and discreetly to avoid any conflicts with your regular customer base.  We work together to protect your brand, your regular customers and find additional channels for your inventory.

Our offers are Take-All offers – which means you can move it all to one buyer, right away. We specialize in large quantities. We can take the good with the bad, and we understand that you need to move it all.

We’re not just looking for one “deal,” we’re looking to build a long term relationship! Repeat business is what drives our growth and we want to earn your trust so we’ll be your exclusive partner for inventory solutions.

Need to Offload Inventory?